Battlefield 1: Beta Gameplay – Im On A Plane!

hello when I am the gaming triple and welcome back to another bout build one video so little word of air painters time now this guy knows how to drive where we going up those are not ours I can’t shoot and care about this where we going again hey or oh shit the shittiness aren’t they the plane mark no this is for full I can’t shoot it at all oh I got some here Marcy 15 right now oh no singing trash oh that’s another planet there there’s one nearby this hour that one’s ours Oh who’s shooting us oh that one’s something okay no one best crashing imma get out okay um that kind of failed I thought was I have a parachute open okay um let’s see where should we go let’s go here can I not spawn there again hey we’re in a tank thing now we don’t have need try to get d going on for that name is okay whatever let’s go get d hopefully just no one here can you stay get it out okay what’s getting shoot that guy out there shoot their shit damn it no damn it no I gotta get covered okay okay there any people are in these years yessir is what BAM got them see your own house okay let’s go get d oh no are you gonna die please so that’s a grenade dr. guys your life no god damn it he got me ok they spawn back a date come on so they have a B and C and I’m not fun no okay I’m in the plane again no parachute oh yes i do this guy right there we have lost I can’t get them Slater don’t leave that gets up and it did it where is he ouch ouch ouch okay my butt where are you guys we have been subject to Freddie who’s dying over here where is he though they’re taking it over who’s the guy no god damn it you gotta be kidding me um this is Pawn here then what the fuck is that plane doing okay then so they’re taking d over aren’t they yeah they are we are losing objective apples see anyone we have lost objective Edgar thing we’re gained a backyard let’s go get me then we are we losing a oh that’s the tank

that take yeah I’m just gonna go be make you find the train station why oh my god there’s a bigger ticket there in here shit that was a horrible great throw I can’t see now great I can’t see my own fire can’t go we all lose the objective butter I don’t think I was that was super bright where are they okay scram get in out here I’m gonna go over here wheres not friggin bright see we are losing objective butter chicken fingers day Oh does this pickin tank there Oh No okay that’s your not cool oh my gosh Tom they’re kicking be that’s a fucking tank oh yeah no god damn it god damn ok let’s just wanna t screw it yeah you’re out to sea no Arnie guy’s leg on top of roof then I kiss night it goes that tree there’s a car thing all the way over there we are losing objective trade get up Hammond uh he’s running okay try get him just go this way we get there background be we have lost objective Edward oh we lost weight right gave us e under ticket d have last objective dog Thanks anyone over there there damn it moved okay he’s dead anyone over like this night damn it they’re kill the horse losing objective judge they religion see how don’t see anyone up a guy we have taken objective butter starting never Oh No okay what killed me hey killed by debris what that’s drinking stupid and it’s just bond so we’re losing so let’s spawn here so we can track it d good guy I don’t think so that’s a guy okay I hit him okay he’s dead wrong take objection of you okay airplane killed me okay shit we’re listening be respond here only to trace tonight we are losing objective Charlie got him budget sup guy down here okay that hurt

me a lot oh no no no no no no no no no how much shitting me I don’t appreciate that we have lost objective out here someone I don’t know does a teammate or not loose teammates up here okay we’re getting be we are gaining see we have taken him ginger okay I got killed okay that was guy down there goddamn okay where should I go oh this fun epi okay i figured shot on wed he didn’t die there we go shit that’s a pink over there and what else do okay someone’s at d and they know me I don’t see anyone we have lost objective Charlie shot me oh not it’s that nice guy you have taken objective apples I’m guessing that’s not a Gary thing okay char them damn it cap down with these guys are moving too much losing objective falta hey butter I’m happy who’s here please tell me it’s not gonna take they lost objective butter oh shit oh god damn it i thought i would kill them god damn i was aiming clothes kalina oh let’s see let’s spawn here damn that friggin b/c NF or the e is that erf over there we have taken objective Freddie ready crank it that guy I can’t get him okay I’m getting shot at that’s cool where though are they shooting I don’t think that’s a guy no shit okay yeah they’re sniping over there I’m just like a lot of it my are you serious I’m not trading no one oh that’s a teammate over for that one okay that’s good god damn it he was on the floor this crawling oh let’s hear this apana a we don’t have be at all Sodom buying come on dammit lost objective George I see it guy over there can’t shoot him down still right there shot them again where he died wow that’s

amazing yeah I don’t see no a movie oh here we go pick a Miss he likes up we have taken objective Charlie saw them break you didn’t I gosh damn it I can’t get these guys ok well there’s a 10 going in now that’s freaking cool go ad ever screw it I’m done sniping down it’s okay with it yeah there is there we go God hair shot right there we have lost objective Freddie this ticket uh I ish sniping stemi I was gonna shoot him god damn it I knew where he was too because let the pickin glare thing it was just fun here on our teammate hopefully know until us from up here I’m not sure okay okay shot him but he didn’t die there we go we are losing of gin luck charlie I’m not see what he died halfway there the enemy has the arrows here oh there’s okay 13 years there we go got him okay what does happen we have lost objective Charlie but we lost see that happen okay that was a pic and rocket got pic and destroyed oh my gosh and you’re just fun let’s see oh my gosh we only have two points good let’s just one at Deven let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go and you get on huggler leave a bruise okay I hurt good night out don’t know if he’s fine Aaron are no god damn it why was he in there god damn it’s good this fun it be maybe we could try get some guys at sea that a carrot thing okay guys now we have taken objective apples your dad anyone over there Bruce looks clear about that oh wait a minute damn it i miss damn it okay don’t know anyway okay on seeing the morning we have lost objective turn me down private roof go here is our stairs in here yes 30 way to get more up I think so let me use this

window anyone we have lost objective dumb you’re saw someone I think no okay single-game see no I ain’t gonna die you shot me from that thing I want now no trick they know I’m in here too hey guy hey yeah i just saw someone then the flaky crouch we have taken objective charlie we get Sita that’s good can we just get on here so we don’t even have Ian oh my gosh okay I just felt this if we could get some people here baby Samuel in there though we are losing objective Charlie and we’re losing to see again okay that’s cool just some guys are here come on Huck you’ll pay it out we have taken objective Duff yes they’re great they’re got him looking through the wall we have lost objective charming guy right there uh hell no oh shit got him damn it hey guy okay that’s happening you think I go okay where are they dad we are losing objective Charlie Gary here dude I think so okay I think we’re good now I’m not sure if there’s any more guys here I’m seen in one let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m surprised the game ding forgetting finish here second longest match battle good ok I think that guy died okay we might actually win this with michaela I could come back we are losing objective Charlie I’m Matt friggin see how can you forget to take it if I’m here huh we have it okay so we don’t have a or e we have taken objective Freddie okay everything looks good senior one up there’s a guy Tammy are they shooting you okay you have to answer my question that entered my freaking boy no god damn i finished my poem something was in my freaking way I couldn’t move god damn it okay let’s spawn epi we were getting d we just don’t have any let’s try to get a you have something meet over there oh hey guys it’s also in here looks like someone’s changing over oh god damn it how did you knows right there oh my gosh skirt ‘let’s bond here

I’m not forget to take down right where do we start objective outta what this guy over there enough course alright and get them your house worthless get going yeah I know where are we going we are losing objective come on pick and I oh my gosh there we go you wouldn’t that be now my sauce that guy dad Oh No morning or the door goodnight and I’m gonna kick your horse quick come on Emmy take a minute how they use a freaking horse there we go kill someone tickets or then kill someone else and fish taken funny okay we’re actually winning now okay careful of the fire horse let’s go get me your day no god damn it I tried to get the guy there were so many of them right there couldn’t that damn so we don’t have be never getting be though so that’s good oh no I get spun there okay oh I’m in pain forget me up I’m look out they can do this the guy died happy no there’s someone right here like a well he died okay so we have fee now right guy down we are losing a damn it damn it we have lost of Directors over again to go oh god damn it got killed from behind oh good so where should we spawn and we’re losing half but just spun at B then they’re still trying to take we just objective Freddie see I think they have something right here or someone winner so there we go we have taken objective George I careful there’s not much of our guys here drink all over there don’t shoot this up guys here there we go to dead yeah let’s go get a shower going yeah that’s gonna sky let’s go okay see where they are you clicked over here feminism we have lost objective child

much stop freaking movie oh my god ok that’s a train there i freakin miss miss again i suck at sniping I really good he’s dead nevermind come on I’m shooting them we have most objective dog and we’re gonna win we did it we want oh my god that’s a 30-minute right there that took freaking forever but hope you guys enjoy this if you guys did make sure you live like a subscribe for more videos like this bar haha 50 in here Oh you