Day210 Baby bird's first flight(s)

okay so I got my boarding pass no you can look at this copper confirmation on it right here we go my bag is check reminds the bathroom and doing helpful thing so I plan on going to sit for a while I got still get through security starbucks starbucks and simply book so you get both the things coffee of course okay oh my god note that wiggly Wobblies are not over yet right there oh I thank you oh heck yeah but you know things are what when surgent members in John rain boxing not that I need him clash of the moment John well that’s if it was co-authored I don’t want this anyway so going about in Gaza me being here for that right here we are at the finish point of no return now I see why the boys are home free earth would we the kings have you know have issues with this hotel art airport oh my god I don’t speak English at all I don’t anyway so that’s the point of scrimmage you only go past there when you got a boarding pass I’m so confusing in there I’m going to cry okay so i’ll see you guys probably on the airport i may not even with you at old chicago who know we’ll see but this is it ah alright children so carry on family made through security and just chillin ugh about an hour so before we actually got boarding oh my gosh yeah so that was fun um for those of you who watch CTFxC you know Charles Daniel both have had it really meant history of leaving um conveyor belt and no recently Charles left his laptop that’s a security checkpoint yes today I didn’t know somebody in front of me the left there’s so it means like laptop business whose laptop is this I’m like oh no one knows laptop it was a floor was they were long gone before you know anybody noticed it but I got all my stuff everything’s good got some water and from Michigan and drinking right now it’s freaking hot Wow the nerves are mostly settle down now I think what we’ll see once i get up in the air how were they like i think the most thing I was worried I was just getting through security and just all that button is yeah so I was getting over there but it was hot from the window and a little more you know secluded over here they want to get anybody mad they were all free quiet over there so I want to bother them using a live news and kids there’s the hood i miss Elaina edit a Chicago and then I’m going to Minneapolis okay no I promise yeah the internet the hotel was slow as crap I mean seriously I left it all night and it still get no farther than thirty four percent internet kept kicking out either when tried our hotel hotel nearby nothing what’s going through so yeah so much fun so yeah so I’m hopefully i checked my laptop yeah checked in my bag so if it doesn’t break i’ll be hosting it probably gets the hotel tonight minnesota yeah and by the way i noticed one be that the news and gifts can overhear does have paper town would be movie covered so that’s kind of cool I can’t wait a lot movie comes out and there’s a couple guys over there room a square if I didn’t know it was going to cancel here that’s right it was then because they’re just totally goofing off doing stupid crap I’m what celebrate here we go that’s on you being here guys like that that’s party too much came over here hey so I didn’t lose anything that’d make me throw away same name a premature past the crews did one more packing on my leg and that was it I was in that I have to defy you scanner dude oh my gosh that was okay cool so there are self-satisfied that was kind of cool doing through the body scanner I think our direction rather done that then the middle detectors so until I’m talking really fast until little nervous yes the way i’ll probably you guys won’t film I mean so I’m trying to cough or somewhere in this plane if not i will see you guys through my three hour layover in Chicago and yes my Chicago friend Brian but ok you know the airport crazy there the honey i just went

through atlanta what do you think but i thought my said that’s that’s three hour layover to make sure i can get from one day together make sure i can eat for you know having out it only had was reaching to hear they’re always good the atlanta airport the one time they’re not because when I’m here I know that Danny and Lindsey are still in New York and charge moving still so I definitely witches will not be here oh ok guys so over you probably in the air is not up in Chicago tell I should we get up from a flight deck Welcome Party Express 3674 server solution can I go ahead once we get every 11 hours in like 37,000 feet burgers and a little bit of a bumpy ride on the way up a few men got away the right now calling for calm winds gets disabilities oh my goodness gracious Christ first bomb so yeah that take off with not exactly fun and it’s a lot of people move right now because I don’t think my legs can move right now so I gotta find done c24 and then I’m okay and it says that you know the the flames at four and its local time sometimes I forgot four hours we apparently came in early I think if we’re laying them like oh right and change we actually nothing cute a little early you’re just lovely board handle show some company I’m gonna come up yeah I’m nervous at all crap let me just siren but yes Oh customer for the guy say next to me okay oh my god i thought was and I really really was not handling it too well so they take off anyway began landing no problems like okay just stopping in the texting itself was not fun at all right oh well it wasn’t horrible he wasn’t like to take the take-off is what killed me buddy I’m going to come in here make sure I know where my gauges and everything and then I thought about someone gonna do that now yeah i know

that’s a little bit farther to Mikey so Jenna runs the bathroom real quick so I’m at my gate now which wasn’t too thats good sense of your between poor wow it was a long wall but it’s okay i failed and get mickey d’s for lunch which frankly it’s still under budget so i’m good i still under budget and i’m happy now once i get into town for what’s the budget other words but yeah so I’m going to sit and try to get some food in me because I haven’t eaten yet at all day so I’m going to do this and probably on my tush guys one more time before we get out there because I got three for showers and a four hours so he has a bit of you children so it’s a half at least an hour and a half to kill went to the bathroom only one last time singing oh no one is didn’t register for you this is kind of cool thanks a lot cool okay so if your father this whole thing is stopping yes Michael’s sister can awesome remember about tilting your bottle and all that crap that is amazing why does everybody not have that I love it so dr. Smith the gate been watching movies randomly on my tablet and I miss playing games and whatever i doing oh my god i have like one time to kill your trail my privilege around these kissings about Lana Michael ongoing Beckett and yeah it turns out I was very early so have a millennia time to kill simply interesting Elmo potential because I almost hit a little too fast at first and that little bit it was there but yeah so now times just situate to go on my next flight that’s why until next week Oh shove I brace on who texted me but someone stood home this you still exist skin was lying to me yes I’m gonna go chill I figure they had you guys and get a little more footage to post later I’m gonna get it from just the rage get the hotel and sleep for a while so i’ll see you guys hopefully after I board okay guys I know what I’m is another Charles another tribute Wow way better than wanted Chicago let me tell you right now stinking freakin awesome can you tell you right now I kind of was afraid of apparently their their shelters gave a call hope to our total taxi service and they’ll come pick you up and then take you there and they’ll pay for hell I’m like you know what forget this I’ve already playing a walking to the mall over anyway I’ll just do it that way so I’m just not waiting could be light rail to get over to the bluegrass oh noes a lot of craziness but I found the light rail is right here well of America minutes so they just actually just I’ll have felt like you know I don’t mind we get a little bit late is no such a look at the map I’d been here in time that’s ok it’s ok I’m going now and I’m going to stupidly walk from the mall to the hotel but that’s okay because honestly I’d rather do that than craziness so what she was talking about doing and I make it pop it on anyway so after you guys probably at the mall or waste like his hotel after i get up from my nap alright hello children so hurry up n nvidia wasn’t in my hotel room the best part about my hotel room is nice over in white balance right across the street is walmart i thought it was going to be like you know block and a half

away no it literally across the damn street um having issues with blinds but that’s ok so I’m going to get the computer up and running get yesterday’s blog post is finally I know guys I know and then take a nap cuz oh my god I think I’ve been having so you got me on the transit um some reason so I went to other pic I’ll just take the bus so we’re going to finally within the mall use their Wi-Fi and found that there was in fact a bus that stops just you know a block away half block away valuable and come armed start and so I like well how to get down there yeah realize transit station was where I freaking started off the blue rail yes so I’m gonna upload the vlog car blows yesterday’s vlog are probably gonna do a couple more things down this one for Kiki and then help us yes but yeah that’s like I got to get the bus and I went ok we’ll sit then walk x great how far is yeah just as Evan walk how far that her mistress go from there I was like okay the walmarts nearby let me just had a bit i thought you see what a billing was I called building kind of like a hotel so I like okay I’m just walked away there’s nothing else I’ll go next for walmart and asking move directions I walked in with microts there it is yes alright so let’s hear performing for two days straight my battery just died so anyway I don’t know how much I showed you that but here’s the room tour hey there’s a front door here’s much bathroom pretty so pretty right right pretty pretty my little bit there’s me hi hey there’s no winning all my stuff and be cute if they’re mushing actually it’s kitchen nightmares but it’s BBC America actor am i actually did watching an episode of Doctor you so I’m going to get this baby up and running at the blog post it and I climb in this bad boy and take a flop a nap I know I need to eat soon and right now I’m not hungry nuts actually not a good thing because I means I’m Way beyond exhausted so I’m going to try this bottled water first of all and get this wagon train rolling so i will see you guys when i wake up so i am a thrilling a train wreck my brain going to different stuff I realized you know what I’m more hungry than I’m tired so I just placed an order for dominance and then i’ll probably crash I got it excuses deals at some cheap peaches right yeah no deposit by me and in my hair was horrible so tomorrow my plan mainly it was going to be going to the zoo but then I had changed it due to the pools hours whether or not I guess go to that standing and so I might just chill so no a one in order to be too soon hey go wait for tomorrow have one for today one for tomorrow or i can tell mom about and then after that i’ll private across street go to walmart see what they get and then then probably be late and go to bake now i’m going to go after they up to new machine see what I got out there I can’t assume anything interesting and not subject I have any money for it but we’ll see what’s out there the long is uploading but slowly it’s least moving now it’s at 29 / sing with 127 minutes ago hopefully it’ll come soon and I’m going to think I’m rose higher thanks is one more a little bit over the air it’s gonna cool sorry I’m going to go and check out the surroundings watching more of Kitchen Nightmares on BBC and i’ll probably post you guys after dinner maybe I either after dinner or well probably yeah after dinner I’ll posted maybe maybe after I give us more I don’t know I’m gonna frame not thinking it weighs let’s watch you guys a bit alright so going on in the sea run with on go to walmart shut a few things and then probably gonna take a nap it well

load you guys been taken out what I’m going across street okay find a store number I kind of factored this is Lindy were stores oh baby yeah it’s near civil rights okay mom Brian leases take this baby up it’s cuz right through pharmacy which would even market i were to heaven well this is amazing looks like it has one entrance though no no i’ll show you guys a little bit inside maybe I know it control for doing it what’s a [ __ ] egan newer interesting for sounds remembered walmart nice guy saw got a couple things um smoothly I’ll have some plate hi I’m my lesson pizza for love mixed berry so I think my name I’m call it that way I can you know get hopefully fix to vlog uploaded I’ve renamed yesterday’s vlog maybe that’ll help I don’t know okay anyway you have me Mom or chatty on facebook so hi mom by brilliant I leases excuse me but anyway um I’ll hopefully can see two balls I gotta post you know I have it loading all night I will but I policies logs now and then hopefully you guys who I get it tomorrow I mean if yes tires have I’m feeling tomorrow might just be me and here watching do you eat I might go out and roam around a bit but oh my god I’m definitely gonna need a rest day a hangover day so anyway oh I will talk to you guys tomorrow and you have fun but hopefully I’m give these freaking balls up today love peace why I’m a Minneapolis yeah