Harrows Clic Flight and Shaft system review: Part 1

hello that’s not sir I’m just going to do a review on the new Harold’s click system I’m going to do the review in two parts the first part I’m just going to talk about the system and I’m also going to talk a little bit about the evolution of the dark shaft and flights and on the second part I’m going to play with the system for maybe one or two weeks and then I’ll show you the results from doing that I’m going to like record myself playing with the darts and then I’ll edit a video to show you any impacts or instances with the flight and shaft so you can see how it works and I’ll probably do a little experiment as well just to test the durability of the flight just to see how it works well and first of all the system is it’s not really a new idea obviously there’s all in one piece flight and shaft have been out for years as I’ll show you in a minute but what it is is perils of took all the best ideas from similar systems and they’ve tried to improve on it they’ve tried to make it a design that’s durable and hopefully that will be borne out when I do the test and also the mid a new kind of a polycarbonate for the stems and a new polyethylene plastic for the flights which is hopefully going to increase the durability and the flights at the moment all in standard shape but within time they’ll be other shapes coming out and just read what it says on it made from a durable high memory substrate rigid Nighy degree flight wing angle flights will not come off during play flight rotates in a phone that makes contact 17 degree of longitudinal flex reduces with deflections flight and shaft wear the same as traditional system and on this part of this little poster it’s got a bit of a graphic there which displays all the dimensions of the shaft there’s three shafts available at the moment a shot a MIDI and a medium and you can see the distance from the thread to the bottom where the flight attaches it gives you the dimensions for where the wing starts as well so you can measure that up against you now all set up and you should be able to get somewhere there but I’ll test that in a minute just to see how close it is to my usual it’ll be when it comes out will be in standard ship I don’t think there’s any other ships available that’s present hopefully they’ll be more common soon and have a black color white blue red clear and pink so there’s a variety of different colors available from the off you can probably see the colors a bit better there there’s also different colors of stems available and also clear and solid colors our dedicated shaft and flight concept that combines a player’s need for easy assembly and strength with elegance and style and there’s a little bit more explaining about the system as you can see it’s got a perfect 90 degree angle on the wings of the flights the shots such shaft is 23 millimeters the MIDI is 30 millimeters and the medium is 37 millimeters and flight rotates you following dance make contact flight will click into position in search often the wrong way around book and it is the shaft I’ve got 18 degrees flexibility so I’m probably going to test that the system comes in these nice little neat boxes and you’ve got the three flights in there all neatly packed I’ve already opened a boxes so I’m not gonna walk on another box so I’ll show you them in a second

and the shafts are in these little clamp style packaging and it will tell you on the back whether it’s a shot MIDI or medium so it’s a fairly neat packaging what the comment and hopefully the price is gonna be between four and three pound for each flight and shaft so the whole setup a flight in shaft should cost between six and eight pound which is a little bit cheaper than the other system so that’s one good point I’ve got only the blue flights at the moment and mostly the MIDI blue clear shafts and this is just a variety of the other shafts I’ll put some close-ups so you can have a good look em but that’s the shot and then you’ve got a solid white that’s medium I think is it yeah that’s medium members are clear and transparent pink another transparent blue there’s a solid red and there’s a solid black I’m sure there’ll be a lot more variety as the system takes off it should be common on sale around about August and like I said I’ll pour a close up of these so you can have a good look I’m he’s a quick close look at lolly air shafts that’s the medium transparent blue and the medium solid white and that’s the medium solid black I think that’s the shot clear and the middie solid red and the middie clear pink and a shot clear blue so they look a little bit one I didn’t see that the chefs are quite flexible and I do think that that is going to be the weak point there if the do gonna have it an accident with the floor cause if it bends then it’s gonna the chances are you’re not gonna get such a strong impact all right let’s just have a look at the system setup in the dirt it spins very freely and you should be able to see on the flights they’ve got like a reinforced edge and all the way around it’s slightly thicker on the edges can’t see welcome through this camera there you go now that top bit of the shaft pops through onto the open window of the flight and this little prong on the top of the shaft goes into the middle so as you push it on makes a click sound that’s where the name comes from and there you go imagine say you’ve got a 90 degree angle right I will be putting some of these up for a prize in a farm competition so if you want to have a chance of winning a set then you have to look out for when I run

that competition look that’s your house click blow things out the way in the very early days when people’s first ad they were using paper flights wooden shafts these dancer from the 1920s and the reason why the paper flat flights was so popular was because that you could just make your own but as you can see that went very durable that could rip easy and it didn’t really look that great to be honest but that’s what people of the 1920s right up until maybe about the 60s early 70s they were still using paper flights and there were still a lot of doubts with wooden shafts around and also around that term they had em feather flights which this is a traditional feather fight from the 70s book in the thirties and forties the flights were more of a a one-piece wooden shaft and as you can see with feather flights the do tent a react easy so again it wasn’t a very durable system and the feathers were quite expensive so although some people still swear by feathers and then there’s all different varieties of feather and if you compare that to a modern shaft and flight she’s just almost looks Aryan really there’s most people know and just used to that kind of self and I’ve even got feathers that are almost twice as long as that one well that’s what people used to use in them all days right up until the 70s and even people in the 80s we’re still using them and the still people who use them to do so it’s a pretty tried-and-tested system what things kept evolving you even got a feather flights with Springs attached so that the flight would spring out the way and even pay at the flights evolved this is quite a rare dot this is a spinny tip of flight have only ever seen one set of these and these are them so very rare it says RAF on the flight and it says patent pending but I have no idea what happened to the records of that so even spinny flights were out years and years ago and after feather flights you got more varieties of paper this is a vulcanized paper it’s a weird kind of a feel at four again not very durable it’s a wooden shaft with a pin stuck in it and Darwin doubts was a special flight all of its own and it’s a weird kind of a flight when you compare it to today’s it’s like a hardship but it was usually a barrel with a kind of a plastic and shaft Lee I love you would call that a shaft but the flights did rotate to some extent and this is like the other one I just showed you walk’n eyes kind of a pepper and Darwin progressed onto a system like this which is quite similar to the modern and flights and it comes off and you just pop it back on they also wrote it so it’s just shows you how things have advanced throughout the airs and then another spinny kind of a fight is this one all plastic but it’s got a metal pin through the middle and the flights are kind of angled so that this looks like they’re I don’t know what you can’t like a spiral kind of a ship but again it spins out the way but with these you can’t replace them at least I don’t

think you could Reaper some it was when that was broke that was it you ought to buy a new one and obviously flights progressed into something like this which is the unicorn Uniqlo boom it’s an all-in-one shaft and flight made out plastic although it’s quite durable bottom but it’s got a lot of flux to it well it’s probably not as durable as some of the flights around now I have got a lot of these and can split quite easy but those vast amount are different ideas that’s another one it’s a steel shaft with a a flight that does come off if I’m not going to pull it because it feels rich to combo it can come off and then you can replace that the flight again it’s an all-in-one so the idea of a rigid or in one flight and chef tisn’t you this is probably the more common one what people have seen all all-in-one molded hey it’s flexible its bendy quite rigid in its design but although the ideas have been around a long time I think it’s still good that people of revisited these ideas and try to improve on them but these are a new modern style of shaft skiing it’s a spinny shaft these are spiral line flights but these and more very durable and even during the war the other flights like these which had two pieces of plastic again it’s a strange-looking that with a strange flight it’s made out of a spring so the evolution of the flight in shock system has been a continual process of finding new things and find out what works and what doesn’t work but obviously when they’re feather flights were getting expensive they came out with this system which is been going for years now and it was a cheap system just a nylon shaft obviously you can get a lie shaft as well an iron shaft with a poly flight and obviously this got popular because it was cheap you could have a multitude of shapes colors and designs lengths of shaft so that’s been the most populous system and I think it’s probably going to continue to be the most popular system but that doesn’t mean that we can’t come up with other ideas and this is an Elfa style shaft that’s still the same kind of a shaft as an old nylon but it’s got a few features extra features and then these are the elf lights which has got a a 90 degree angle these probably feel the classes to the new Harrell’s click in feel so we’ve gone to that and then there’s the Cosmo system which are reviewed on another review and I think this is what started this whole new look up this kind of a system this is the fixed shaft Cosmo shaft and one thing I’ve always liked about this is the fact that it’s so easy to put your flights on especially if younger very good eyesight like me and the tend to stay on although I have had the odd occasion where they’ve popped off and then you went back again to another system the Condor system which is an all-in-one like that again it’s a very bendy plastic and they’re quite like the Condor system have about quite a few of these although they haven’t been that durable they have split quite

easy and I think I’ve mostly kept the ship known as you can say it’s another 90 degree angle but I think the only problem for me with the Condor system is it just doesn’t seem to last as long as I would like it to and obviously compared the price to that and then that’s it works out expensive and then you come to this new Herald’s clipped system now our oars have worked out after I look into the other systems that looked at the design and try to improve on it try to make it more durable the flights just pop on dead easy under the shaft the shafts are quite flexible I think I could probably break that quite easy though if I bend it far enough but in most cases you if your dad does hit the floor it’s gonna flex but it that extra flex there should hopefully prevent it from breaking if it was more side the certainly more flexible in a nylon stem and although they are quite thin like but I imagine this is going to be the weak point because that’s where the bend is happening the most so if you do get a bad contact on the floor then it’s probably going to snap there Victor’s again it’s a 90-degree wrong angle it’s made out of a similar kind of a material to that else style but it’s feels quite a bit thinner but the edges of the flight are reinforced they’re a little bit thicker than the centre and it’s also got some reinforcement down here and the reason why it’s called a click system is because it just clicks when you push it on and the flight spins quite freely although it doesn’t really spin when you try and shake it with your hand the one thing it’ll spin at all when you throw on it so it pretty much feels like a solid system but if it does happen to rattle or shake about then what you do is if you prefer it not to spin you just put an o-ring over there and then you attach the flight and that stops it spinning it tightens it up it’s not spinning now although I push it but it’s not spinning freely and there’s nothing at all nor wrong so that’s one way to stop it spin an if you don’t like any spinning at all I don’t think it really bothers me it the only time that the flight spinning bothers me is if I can feel it spinning as I’m holding the doubt getting ready to throw it so I’m gonna wear this against the fine system that looks to me about the right aftershock that’s extra shots try it with the shark so that’s their one point four three grams and so on and that is one point five eight so these are 100 micron flights so that is actually heavier than that so I’ll just wear the flight on it so on that’s not point eight five and that is not 0.73 so obviously the differences in the shafts that’s a little bit heavier

than the flight but obviously with that being thinner it’s going to be bit lighter that’s not 0.6 grams law pointed 5 grams so not a lot in the word that should be any difference one thing I do like about these is they’re very year flexi from squeezing it there I can’t see just may be slightly down there some white stripe s white stress marks book and then cm spit here giving it a good squeeze that is the set that I’m going to be using for the next week or two and then I’ll do an update but this set I have actually tried to already rip the side of this I’ll give it another goal just to see if I can do it see I made a mess of it obviously well you’re not going to get somebody pulling it like that with it with a dad hitting it book I can’t tear it I can obviously make it stretch and obviously I haven’t I’ve ruined the shape of it but that’s a little bit of an extreme test now well I think I’ve done there is I’ve obviously I’ve bent it and put a kink in it but I’ve also stretched the plastic as well to a certain extent book Italian like that either it’s going to happen when a doubt hits it or I’m going to do with that flight is I’m going to put it in some warm water and see if I can bring it back as close as possible to the ship and then I’ll show you that on the second part of the review but there you go I’m going to fold the flight up at L flexible it is I folded it quite flat there and we see that’s not going to happen when you just throw on the dance book it’s pretty much come back to its normal shape apart from nothing there that I put the kinking so my other test with that is I’m going to take one of these flights I’ve got a set of dots here or even sure what these are it’s just an old brass set but what I’m going to do is I’m going to put that into that flight pocket and I’m going to leave it there for a week and I’m going to see what happens when I take it out because these are so flexible you might be able to stall them flat it doesn’t say you can what I just want to test to see whether you can are not actually I’m going to put two in so I’ve got the two in there and we’ll see what happens and win this one I’m gonna destroy you know camp I’m obviously the sharp points of you steal tit dad I think it want to be the thing that causes the most problems and looking at the system to me I think the weakest part is going to be just there where there’s a space like gap but the fact is that the flights wrote it so you might get a Robin Hood of that kind of a thing but if the flight rotates out of the way it may not up and and I think obviously I’ve put the dart right through the dough Niveen see above put it right through the flight there put a hole in it and I think if that happens

down here that could be where the flights may split but as the flight rotate chances are it’s going to move out the way but karani is definitely going to be the area that you have more chance of corner Hall in because that’s where it’s a little bit more solid and then this is a bit of an extreme test book the flights can be penetrated quite easily with the a dart point as you can see it’s whether it happens to a normal player or if you know this I can still close up the holes quite well so that’s quite impressive really and it hasn’t actually poor split in the flight it’s just put a hole in it I think the edges of the flight said stronger than what the cosmos system is and I guess is they’ll probably flex out the way because it’s so flexible the end up poking the point in RAM in a minute but these are quite an edgy data so I’m going to be throwing these nuts you can see I’ve roughed that up now don’t know you can see these dots but they have quite a strong mini sharp grip on and hold on the flight so it’s not rotating out the way so obviously you’re gonna get them roughed up but it’s how well the last under normal conditions and that’s what I’ll find out in the next couple of weeks and then I’ll help I’ll do the second part of the review and then I’ll give you my comments about how well it’s been oh how well it hasn’t been but as it stands and quite impressed by the system itself I just hope and that the flights are gonna stay durable obviously you’re not going to get extremes like oh I’m doing a but you under normal conditions the last well then it will be a pretty good system I think so that’s the end of this review for now and the next it is now the 14th of July so I’ll do the second part in either a week or two weeks time so thanks for watching you