Jojo PPL Flight Training Flight 1

okay now here’s our audio panel and see that number one is pushed in that means we’re going to talk and listen on number one ok ok it says ok so hit enter there’s ok push enter now that radio is ready to go and we can pull this out and listen to static to adjust the volume oh no you that’s what you push in there’s nothing like that then when this when you pull out and stove I can push to talk about like that but we’ll use one here we want 1200 see the numbers you can change them each one that’s a transponder the controllers will see us on radar ok 1200 is all VFR flying now we can’t fly VFR and have four will call flight following and they’ll give us another discreet Kota but for our purposes always make sure it’s 1200 ok and now release the brakes and let it roll just stuff food or so and step on the brakes and stop it yes to make sure the breaks over ok get a winsock dad blinking that way yeah so we want to go to 160 let me go straight out there and turn left on the taxiway I to keep the nose wheel on the center line favorite and if he gets bunch of bats just slow it down with fake and something’s over there right yeah but the center line was over there is what I was saying so yeah go ahead and go now we’re a little bit of an incline here so i have to add power to get it go don’t don’t step on the brakes put your feet down on the floor your heels on the floor and shove with the rudder pedal only when you a little bit of right rudder you gotta kind of lead it so because it’s not real positive like a car steering generally we keep the power attack about a thousand but we have a pretty good tailwind now so I throttle back a little bit for we never close the farm all the way and except on landing and so think of that yellow line coming right up your right leg that’s about perfect right there and slower down with both brave I can help you I don’t have any breaks over here I’ve reached for the hand brake at a break even like as airplane or turn don’t stop what I screw up a little bit so give given enough gas to get it rolling for throttle and then a line means post-op right now that’s the whole line you can’t cross that to you good line I mean yeah but what we’ll do I’m going to help you taxi here we’re gonna go left here a little bit and now we’re gonna go right I’m not like that now I think I fix this I got the brake lock it shouldn’t role but still keep your feet on the brakes just in case in the checklist again there you ok now we’re here at the run-up makes that goes on proper tank then we double check a lot of stuff trim for takeoff trip is way up here is a crank this that little indicator moving forward this one right up here so now moves back want that about it neutral ok for takeoff you chose that means Oh what does that mean neutral well that’s a good question that’s not half way because we fall up and fall down halfway between the two extremes I controls grip the control yoke with both

thumbs sticking up because we want to see that they move freely and correctly so shove the elevator all the way forward but all the way to the left your thumb points to the a low they should go up yeah well thumbs up the other one should go down on the right wing get it come by the way all the way back and then the other one thumbs up the left aileron went up but the right one went down and then all the way forward what we did we went to the complete stop to stop become extreme control movement on all on the elevator and a l’heure so you don’t need to do that once you know all the way all the way all the way all the way okay so that’s the light controls we don’t have an annunciator panel instruments we got six of them airspeed is on zero artificial horizon the airplane is bubble and see you can touch that little guy up and down and that that’s for the purpose of one we’re flying that little dog should be right on the prevent little white horizon altimeter is set correctly to 100 226 the turn coordinator the fall is centered as a level but that broke the directional gyro we have to set to the compass three dead there’s 30 40 300 400 45 they have to push this in and then you can rotate it to go or five that look right five in the middle would that be 45 yeah now pushing it turn it yeah but that’s a zero five zero uh it’s halfway if you look up here it’s halfway between the two line Badgers else okay uniform road and then this is on zero that’s your vertical speed later but there’s like how fast we’re going up or coming down so you got six instruments two of them you have to adjust usually everything okay but we just flew so that thermos okay here’s a Coleman window inside there Hey yeah it let’s say you called weather and said the barometric pressure is 309 3003 around 15 minutes poofy it put it right on that metal accents transfer the boy that’s just about what it is angered area there so just so we don’t have the weather here so we’ll we’ll get a sign over there outside it says elevation 226 feet so all the hands up on zero that would be sick novel and then eat that’s 100 and each dash is twenty 120 140 160 180 200 when this goes around all the way to zero this one will come to one that’d be 10,000 feet so we want to set it at 225 out there huh huh okay I just remember as you’re going to tell you what that kohls when the window is all about okay where are we run up instruments fixture you want to go rich on it and now climber here’s a primer and we want to make sure that’s in and lock I can’t pull it out so it’s locked now hold the brakes we’re going to run it up to 2000 here’s your tachometer 2000rpm right about there and better check the mag so we’re going to turn it counterclockwise to the right Meg so two clicks one two it dropped about 100 RPM but it’s running smoothly go clockwise to click

stubo edit comments back to 2000 see that now one click counterclockwise to the left mag rpm drops about the same as the other one and it’s running smoothly so one click clockwise to both so that’s the mags we’re going to turn the carb heat on notice it rpm drop that’s because we have hot air going in now which is less dense but doesn’t run is good and leave that on only five seconds does it takes if there be ice buildup in there it takes a little bit for it to fall out and then all that do stiff try that one that’s not too bad is it oh okay vacuum way over here it’s about five above four is good the vacuum that’s running this and this okay let’s now Miss vacuum vacuum pump is pumping at meter there’s off of zero that means the alternator’s charging the battery the old pressure is good oil pressure is good oil temperature is good and we can come back to idle or 1000 rpm just think of 1000 is idle okay we don’t need any flaps to take off for a free takeoff mixture is rich fuel pump we need to fill this fuel pump on for takeoff our Pete is off 80 to eat don’t worry about that heading indicator cut compass we did that transponder we’re going to go to altitude way over here on an altitude and it’s squawk 1200 doors and windows are closed note there’s a top latch up here on my door and make sure your window is closed beacon is on that’s all we have for strobes and turn the landing light on nope other people of steps and we’re ready to go o R B R rotate at 55 miles an hour I mean that’s your airspeed when it gets there 255 we’re going to pull back get the nose wheel just barely off and then ready to reel and some of this is because it’s 1 i’m gonna want to keep up coming up the nose as we increase their speed i have a control here don’t worry about it and then we’ll climb out at 85 miles an hour that’s rate 85 86 all right are you ready to go ready I see on the face no we don’t need the brakes now ok now look there’s nobody out there on final look around the airspace and also look at the other end I don’t see anybody landing on the downwind on the wrong runway deck for traffic and I’m going to release the prey I’ll make a radio call albany traffic cherokee nine or a two-for-one to party 16 albany i say it right yeah yeah now we gotta we want to line up here on the center line the right rudder not too much ok get your hand on the throttle and yeah I ice always support my hand kinda and then advance it not not up the app and then advance it all the way all the way up if you hang on to like this you’ll get air pumps and you’ll move the throttle a little bit of right rudder pressure there’s 55 enough to get there it is or relax it and we’re flying and setting this trim in neutral get it for takeoff there’s hardly any pressure well we need to go nose down a little bit here there look at this indicator up here that’s about where you want to set that went on

the ground are you paying attention or you just enjoy scenery I see the most ones to come up so really you want to have this adjusted about there there were I got it about halfway between this neutral in that first forward art what the trim does it takes the pressure away from me so we’re going to climb up I don’t know how high now when we passed through pattern altitude which is 1200 feet will turn the fuel pump off and the landing life that’s an electric fuel pump it has an engine-driven fuel pump this is a standby in case the other one breaks at these critical times of flying if the engine driven fuel pump broke now the engine would quit but we have enough time to maneuver to a landing or we can turn this on in the engine and start again make sense I’m giving you too much information now look can you hear me ok look out over the nose you can barely see the horizon if you put the nose of the airplane after then that gives you real good that’s about the right speed to climb I don’t know how I we’re going to go here oh hi again altimeter were 1,800 feet will level off for 2,000 yes but let’s wait until we’re within 50 feet right now now slowly lower the nose until it’s level flight and that’s right on the horizon is it now you have to push forward pretty hard don’t you so now you reach up here and you want to trim nose down don’t get easier need here to hold now let go oh I got you my chin they see you want to trim it so the airplane will fly itself ok ok look at that Gemini like cruise exactly ok but it doesn’t have anything with cruising it has to do with taking the pressure off hey let go again there we go look at that oh we’re still climbing so and we want to set the power because it gets over rev to walk about 2,400 rpm down here on the tack and now I have to trim back up a little bit I never know which way to turn this will fix RV life Eleanor fires okay that’s both the horizon you can’t hardly see it in the distance there cuz of the clouds iffy about it what about a third of the way up the windshield too yes I guess so see these are visual clues that I’m telling you to kind of look for to fly the airplane accurately okay this supposed to fly the airplane I already know how idea why the air flow is the way I do it just fingertip controls I have my arm on well maybe you can’t do that but down here you’re you ever have your arm you don’t need to have it up there necessarily find a comfortable way to do it but you don’t grip it its fingertips okay remember those turns I told you let’s go into a laughter oh let’s look at this the center one is zero degrees and 10 20 and 30 degrees and then 60 45 with the halfway between those so let’s go left not quite 10 degrees and just let go of the control yoke wants and watch the airplane it’s only going back to level flight in and look at the nose out there oh we got we got four cats over over

there don’t worry yes they were we’re back to level flight now remember shallow turn the airplane wants to go back to level flight and I told you that before we left now let’s go to the right I just want to get too close to those hills oh we’re going to go to about 20 degrees of Bank and if I let go it’s going to want it to send a little bit but it stays in there it finds an equilibrium in a medium bank turn and then it’s Seaford beyond 30 degrees if you let go it’s going to keep banking so you have to kind of prevent it from bankie okay understand all that a little bit open what’s the world are the rudders for just here on the ground of course anything i can do you do elevated are you ready the rudder was a residue is actually helps good well i push on the rudders now it yards the airplane Young is just make the nose move back and forth ok now I’m going to show you the chorus and that I’m going to turn without using the rudders I want you to watch the nose and that against the ground I’m going to go to the right I me out but you’ll see the nose go to the left hey that it went left and now it went right you see that watch the nose against the trees on the ground when I turn left see the nose went right and then it went left the rudders aren’t now watch this fall when I turn by the balls going to slide to the are hey that so now you watch the nose again I’m going to turn right again but use it to put your feet on the rudder pedals I’m going to turn right the way I’m supposed to so I turn and put a little bit of right rudder in and see that knows it did not go right at all right where it belong when I level off the wings I push a little bit well let’s do that again now let’s say I’m done turning so now I go left a lawn and a little bit of left rudder and the airplane doesn’t y’all that’s called adverse yaw when it goes the wrong way that’s what the rudders are for to keep it coordinated okay practice I know you’ll never get it trimmed exactly perfect hope that was the wrong way okay practice just turning and try to maintain the 2,000 feet remember every time this every time you bank and once this says that you have to apply some back pressure okay when you level the wings off after when you level the wings you have to really back fresher note I’m never going to tell you to move the controls rather than a car steering to fly a lawn pressure and a little bit of rudder pressure back pressure to climb or the preventive this sense so it’s fresh or rather than really movies I do this Papa City do what I seven against opposite things well now to get get a nice and level and then let go and see ya the nose wants to go down does a dish but yeah reach up here now wait which way do you have to hold pressure app don’t just what let go once the nose goes down so you’re holding back fresh or aren’t you not forward fresher you’re holding back pressure right now so you have to trim it the nose up I’ll a dump the other way now more what’s that now let’s see that’s pretty good huh that’s climbing ok I see you got the indicator look up here to the roof again goes up

that way nose down that way hey but this is what train is going to be all about a lot of use out here flying practicing now this is why I brought this along but again is what are we supposed to do out here and understand how our airplane and again like in a car you turn the wheel and leave it turned until you’re done turning you can’t do that an airplane you use the ailerons to establish the bank you want and then you have to neutralize it okay and then when you’re done turning have to use opposite aileron like if you turn dry or flat you use left aileron and rudder and then you neutralize the boat until you got to the heading you want and then right to level the wings again and then you neutralize everything let me show you something even in a very shallow turn you see how shallow we are we have a little bit of a Laurent to do that and will eventually roll upside-down give that lake of water up there well way off is a horizon oh ok well that’s where Eugene is let’s turn around head back ok I don’t care if you go laughter rising by five down yes let’s see here you got about a 10 degree bank there oh the turn coordinator is working again I was just looking at that cloud oh well right under that cloud now you see a little potty of water over their way over there oh that’s burnt reservoir all I think it be let’s turn all the way around follow the freeway back oh that’s pretty way this store is and then I’m going to show you how to dis sand and then how to climb ok what’s that grim it’s about a few oh are you okay very funny oh really are you okay good i want you to be back if you ever get too nervous if you ever get a little see our air six you let me know we’ll go back and land oh my stomach feels a little bit pleased about it okay now look we are cruising here at about two thousand two hundred rpm that but that s go to the sand let’s decrease the power by 500 rpm keep coming on past two thousand and three more dashes not keep coming back to win about 1700 and the nose drops so you can see it below the horizon here you can see that we’re descending there I should maintain our airspeed at close to 500 foot per minute to sin oh that’s how much of a shopping oh yeah we’re going down that 100 foot every minute now we’re going that down to 1,500 that’s only mrs. less beautiful climbing and dropping yeah that’s how fast we’re going straight up or straight down that’s how fast we’re going right now yep wow you read that well there’s a hundred miles an hour there’s about 110 miles now ok now we

wanted to will level off at 1300 so when that’s 50 feet put the power back to 2000 right now well let’s City be here well no well when it’s 50 feet from the two halfway to the two let’s put this up back to 2200 rpm the nose came up we stopped our descent Hey oh descend reduce our to stop the descent with the power back where it was I’m off flops did I said that’s for Landy ok this is if we had to change altitude out flying and but let’s find back to 2000 feet will go full throttle business in my hand that’s the altimeter it’s a tachometer oh yeah we want to go to 2,000 well bring this all the way to 0 and let’s lift the nose till it touches the horizon and we’ll find back to 2000 feet and we’re climbing at seven hundred foot a minute and then order agency thousand what do i do but it’s halfway between these numbers we start leveling off you’ll have to go forward with this a little bit lower the nose to level flight when we’re 50 feet from the altitude we want to be okay keep the nose up there or not too much we have a hundred foot to go there’s about 50 feet so don’t leave the power there slowly let the nose down to level fly now it’s revving up now let’s set the power that’s all there is to this they’re cedar suffuse what Peterson’s views which one’s that big one over there kind of a double one okay by you team no that’s over by Lebanon we’ll go back to the land are you Tucker now are you overwhelmed a little bit if it there’s there’s a lot to think about nice file ours is releasing filled with our it’s always good keep the airplanes in trim I keep it nice and fit but Jackie but nice is it oh yeah that’s fine keep it this is the way way I don’t know what you need to do oh there you go this and I you know modern airplanes have the trim down here the arrow has it down here between the seats it’s much easier to handle I’m always turning at the wrong way if you turn it and the pressure gets heavier then just turn it the other way you should take too much earning on it over did it that time once you get it close it did should this be a little bit of tweaks here and there hey you’re holding out she’s pretty good [ __ ] you don’t want to turn that to change the pitch of the airplane knows our nose

down you turn it only to release the pressure that you’re holding either for or ass if you want to change pitch you always do it with this yeah I’ll just like Eva they love we get bubble okay well get it level what it looks like level this should be on zero and that should not be moving their way now are you push it forward a little bit or hold you’re holding back a little bit Iron Chef yeah yo you need nose up there bout law not too much well now let you see what that does it’s still going down isn’t it don’t turn it you don’t want to fall it back up with pressure it is steady try to sense how much pressure you’re holding and then move that understand what I’m saying what are they yeah that might be about enough now you were claiming they’re a little bit about air spam airspeed effects that trim if you pull the nose up and you slow down a little bit that changes the effect of the trim so you’re trimming really for a specific airspeed and where’s the airport size of you somebody moved the freeway huh yeah pond over there let’s head for that pond I water over there once that’s a gravel pit okay now we have a free landing checklist here it is doing proper tank electric fuel pump on mixture set I love a powder yeah we get it I’m gonna help we’re going to go Lando not legal to fly through a cloud yet bats so we’ll try to miss it there whoo it’s that ok I’m going to help you fly you follow along on the controls we’re going to come out here so that we can enter the pattern under 45 degree angle to air for Cynthia plas right in front of the wing over there someone don’t find it ask and we want to be a pattern altitude before we get to the air for 12 and a thief yes ma’am it is this a rock quarry that pond of water is about on a 45 to the runway for one stick I’m going to be telling you this done so you don’t quite neat at but i’m going to talk through this land but that’s a push that to talk on the radio I have to reach rim because I’m slowing down as well albany traffic cherokee nine or a twofer ones on a 45 416 albany hey I’m gonna aim to an hanger him up there oh thats it ahead of us oh I got to by for a little bit I met stuff did you see the hangers now yes I can see what now I need it well about right on the height now are you falling back

at all I just have a shrimp bad about a half-mile we want to turn down wind and and we’re going to chat carpi Albany traffic Cherokee nine or a super one left downwind 16 folks off Albany and then we’ll turn the car feed off I always make a radio call on the down with a F and phoning us fat face not so much if there’s other people off for now I’m a 2100 RPM a beam touchdown which is end of the runway I’m going to go to sip 70 100 rpm what does it be me I beam straight across from where you’re going to touch down we’re in the white argh that goes all the way up see that white line not that window but that white line that’s flap range we can have flash so I want to reduce the power to 70 and as soon as I can one notch a pass to various ruzek system 70 mattify Mike’s present this fuel for a left down then 15 bodies grill full stop now 45 degrees back to the runway we turn base add another notch of laughs and we may have to trim a little bit foxy it oh now we’re on pace there’s nobody around here so I’m not gonna make much radio call the runway guys and now on a 45 right oh we’re on face leg up 90 degrees to it now we’re turning final hey I’m going to turn the basse on do that yes I see it but a little high aren’t way out of battle full flaps oh alright well that’s still kind of white on the far one isn’t ah so I reduce power a little bit are you pulling back no I’m not okay oh well I’m hey there now we’re all right aren’t we I’m going to kind of ignore those lights now though and focus on the threshold where the 16 is if it moves up in the windchill nor coming in low if it moves down we’re coming in high if it stays in one spot we’re perfect it will all be about 75 I have it can easily glide there i can close the throttle and we start our flare and flare and flare until the tip plane touches down and hold this back to weight off the nose tire and now start breaking oh you shouldn’t hide your feet way until you need the brakes there are three through nine Romeo bike their heels on the floor so you can’t touch the brakes oh you said stop breaking I said start breaking yeah then you should have slit yer well maybe they were down and up I wasn’t implying flushing okay okay we’re going to get off the taxiway here and we’re gonna stop we track the flap turn the fuel pump off we don’t need the landing light anymore nor the transponder and now we’ll go home I think money made him go move that pickup I’ll help you tell you want to park it ah they’re real close to that fence okay I’ll do it yeah I don’t want to break it up lame hey what down out there watching you I’m joking I’m joking of every careful i think we’re feed video penny ah oh okay notice i got the rudders even again and i let it roll a little bit just straighten the nose wheel hey now pull that Joe I have it right here now we’re going to secure it don’t worry about the elt avionics off so we turn

each one of those off excellence now is this oh that was and we’d leave that on standby fixed your phone Leen that one pull it all the way back now turn off the master