Plane crash! – The Forest: Episode 1

hey whats up guys mentoring for me on youtube and today we are playing the new game the forest just to make everyone clear that this is an alpha will know it’s not eating an alpha this is the first stage of this game being released so it as long you bleed oh that they’ve just recently updated this game so you can save because I would have done let’s play on this before but obviously you could not save the game so it’d be pretty pointless to make it into a series but now you got the save and there’s improved some of the loads of the books should I say now I’m going to be doing it as a series so you guys see how this goes so for some reason it always crashes on the loading screen it just freezes but i just want to point out as you can see here the following is an in-development alpha build hmm i don’t know if that’s a mistake in writing that but anyway right here we go what’s that the necklace well it’s a four star film beautiful oh that’s my that’s my son is a very beautiful child yeah or love this this is a nice plane really nice Oh bit turbo oh no i hope i don’t want to show you this guy’s oh when we’re about to crash my son kind of the side fold in half he’s really funny wait till we get to the background Oh no what’s happened to him Oh necklace wasn’t very nice huh all right I think what the [ __ ] oh my son looks in a better she stay there she doing good he’s taking my son he’s got no pants yeah bad role model right see oh I got little man is not good I think I need to eat oh yeah guys I have played this quite a few times ah it’s random location as well and when you get into the game I just needed a change my center I do find this game to be fairly laggy at times so I don’t like to have everything on full I’ll over that’s bit better now right so got some food what’s this Oh soda hey guys I’ve also noticed if you are wondering where all the cannibals are when you coming up here Ted all loads of rabbits around it probably gets with food while weather ah thick oh hey i think it left his leg beyond teach some of this so you guys I played this quite a few times and just to see how the game plays in that and see if it was really were playing and obviously I want you to get a bit of knowledge before playing this so I can make this kind of into a series this to be quite good yeah I played this game quite a lot like a set and it has a lot of potential it really does Oh textbook oh no I killed a bird with my tennis ball oh no I’m a murderer um yeah guys if you were wondering what this gut top game is it’s a indie simulation I believe and I hear footsteps and it’s um you have these cannibals like you seen Oh your [ __ ] Jesus has a living I haven’t seen one of them before well I just killed both I’ve got both know Jesus Christ something mean but yet you have all these suppliers around and im so get this because lizards can give you armor oh right okay so that didn’t work yeah lizards can give you for that was a person then Jesus Christ yeah lizards can give you arm up which you can use to protect yourself from the cannibals the

cannibals are really really strong and powerful hi this like this is one of their camps so croucher for quick second it seemed bucking Oh so there the over there yeah you have these like tribes often you can I’ve seen the video where this guy’s settle in there Cameron it got them a little hooks than that so honestly make my way through here because I want to find a water source because if there’s a war water there’s sometimes fish in them I’m sure have a little look around it’s just I can’t get down there oh when they do as you can hear that scream there that’s there either they’ve seen me or they calling for more reinforcements they going home but sometimes they attack and sometimes chauffeur sometimes they attack and sometimes they are afraid so it’s just really the look of the draw but every time you take a tree down they will hear that and they’ll beat yes they will hear that and they will go to that location which is annoying especially when you go take a lot of trees down but is pretty realistic really obviously if you heard oh [ __ ] it up whatever I was breathing right yeah some of these rocks really dodgy as well I don’t linger right um I don’t want to go there cuz that that looks like I’m gonna [ __ ] fall through the floor so I am gonna go the long way but make it a base here would be pretty good oh no not in theory but uh they can only get you from one way and obviously my backpacks folder i’ll show you the inventory and everything in a second I’m sir have a look around find a good place to set up because what from I’ve heard the long day each day each day you play oh ok so we’ve got we’ve just encountered there I look base that’s what they’re the horse that I was telling you about so I’m gonna I’m gonna move up plenty Heather’s loads of them I could set up block to build a wall around it they won’t be able to get you then and it’s already partially built as well but I am going to go away from them because I don’t if they are attracted by them or not but anyway I want to find a beach because every time I’m praying plane crashes you go in a different location which is really good but it’s hard to know where you are in your surroundings but yeah like I said earlier it’s a look of the draw really and here seems a really good place you’re glitched out rocks there to hide in all down there I know if I won’t be able to get around anyway I could to set up here there’s a lot of broom I was over here we’ve got there but some of the cannibals are kind of bugged out like I’ve died quite a lot because when they go down and you I where you go do the epic douche I was her than the voices then they explode into little parts and sometimes they just literally explode and you go flying into the air and die

it’s pretty pretty ridiculous oh it seems just area outbound this would be a really good place because you’ve got I think there’s fish in here but I’ve not seen any fish whatsoever in this game I’ve been to quite a lot of the pools and that and I have not seen one it’s be a decent place to build if I can get up here that’d be amazing because quite a lot of the area is out of bounds but hopefully up here ain’t and I can get stock setting up a base right because it’s up the hill so I’ll be able to see him quite far off the only bad thing is sometimes when you go sleep you wake up and they’re like the bear stare a UH GE right I think I think we will stay here right that’s good for me you guys that’s due to inventory obviously you got your home and there any food booze and that I’m to make a few more tops so you make the Molotov move them I must make three they normally go around about three or fours if the only got two they are pretty easy to take down but if you got like four of them think you’re pretty much screwed and this is the survival not manual and you got quite a lot stuff here you got your traps and hopefully they’ll be doing the trap for you’ve reset them currently you can’t which sucks that’s the e fig fig ease whatever really cooled you set them on fire and they make them really angry and they come in a bigger force next on their tap which sucks but right let’s start with a shelter let’s just I think I’m going to turn it this way turning the other way so if they do Corp here oh no I should have possibly built further into the tree as well because they if I understood here and there like quite far away they will still be able to see me but I than the other nevermind right that’s a bird okay I now moving to the trees little pick these twitter because I want to the plan for this game is to say get a big area and wall it all off but also have a lot of balls because you get these are alien being things you posting them in the trail of this game and it’s they are really powerful and this the animation it just slowly falls down I just love it because it’s so realistic as well it is really good the only thing is it really logs rolled down the hill to go ahead quickly get them and they’re probably going to go into this see by the time I get there just put these right i just need six more logs and I’ve don’t know if sometimes they attack like it’s certain parts of the map where they do not come or they don’t even attack I’m just hoping this isn’t one it is kind of interested when they do attack but I’m hoping they won’t be too aggressive that’s the only downside is when they’re really aggressive and then they come back go with loads because the last time I played I had it for probably eight cannibals after me and it was really really hard yupo wise float wonder why flowing but it should plop down soon hopefully RT for more I’m gonna take this one here and he sticks around yeah let’s just get chopping on this yeah also with this animation this is what they added into H one dead one a lawyer you were wondering

when that was going to clamp and it wasn’t meant to come out the other week on the other I think he’ll choose your Thursday but it didn’t it’s really surprising I was really hard for that game Bob see it dink foul was a disappointment but hopefully it’ll be out soon my stamina Riddler oh well duck click oh that’s right yeah when you pick up stones and you got like logs in your hands it flings them ridiculous right two more they used to be down there let me just have some booze actually I’m have a soda and because soda you can’t use with Molotov sorrow oh if you wanted to you won’t be able to use it for Molotov so I always drink the soda before the business for stamina and while also sleeping does it as well I’m sir sleep quick this saves the game now which is awesome it’s only around me no okay right let’s just sleep again hopefully it will be 0 what the [ __ ] what what the hell has happened is I can fly Oh stuck well there’s only one I’m gonna leave him there as well I ain’t gonna bother him before you just disappeared then yeah I’m gonna leave in there it’s just turning night this is so funny right let’s just build a fire it’s best to be with one of these ones first because damn it needs more sticks because with the with a big one you can’t buy a just stay longer just thought I hurt I’m gonna get back was a lovebird Oh sleeper is that guy still down there yeah well he’s got a light like the aerial for us right need more leaves so how do I collect leaves so just like hit the floor let’s just go for it take the ones out further away how they go yeah you just hit believes all right I think I’ve got another let’s go back and yeah what was I saying about the fire is it goes out after some time which is really annoying but with this one is it’s just good enough because you can cook your food and do all the stuff on it on that high you just click to see and wonder if I know I’m going to leave that the food um but yeah you can also make it go higher but putting leaves in just keep watching around that sometimes they’re attracted by the fire and sometimes they’re scared of it and like I said it’s just look at the draw really also with food if you say I go off and leave it in the fire it will burn and you won’t be able to eat it so I quite a lot of that features really good and right it’s what else have I got I got torched molotovs Survival Guide five rocks also you can use these that’s bond yeah I know Bombs is ridiculous yeah if you use most bombs and the animation is pretty stupid all I thought have been a lot better because this game is absolutely beautiful I’m really surprised that this is even an alpha and and did you know that issues done by four people yeah for this is team of 40

and the laptop yeah done by a team of four people which is really really surprising because this game is amazingly bill and it when I’ve been looking on the forums as well it’s really annoying when I see people moaning about the saves and the bunks and that they all should know that this is not even a alpha so like naught point naught one version you know and people have been bugging them and all that kind of stuff we she isn’t really on because it’s not fair that they know the books when the first few people said about the books they already know you know the made a list on that and you don’t need to keep a coma right eight more sticks so you guys if you do encounter book just put pop to post right just a little bit on the steam forums but don’t keep bugging them because they are working really hard on this game and this game really does have potential so hopefully they don’t turn out like Daisy and take literally forever to sort the game out because I don’t even play dayz anymore the only if I’m going to play dayz it would be the Alma to Daisy I this is what I built here this is where you put logs in and you can stack the logs and you start the logs here and make a n just keep saving them really but one thing I that guy still down there yeah yes one thing I would say is get all black screen what the [ __ ] is he um well in the mr to show you the Molotov animation sup [ __ ] oh come on well I wanna how much help I’m on and I think that does any damage to your health oh [ __ ] where’s all my monitors I’m after pop him in the house all right he will die a fire is very effective against them oh come on oh okay it does too damaged to by the way okay the health is to the left hand side I didn’t really explain to you guys about the about all this right that look like those only two so I’m just going to leave him flow and he seems happy there I just love the light as an that is so cool get up flowing again but that really know me about the boobs then how many surf is about to surface pretty ok on food but I I’m gonna build this now this is a little plant farm thing so I’m gonna put it this side and then you hear there that is that Oh bollocks that’s then cooling I’m still hide here and watch them well they gone hopefully he will just

pass I do oh god thats can share our me then I’ll ask them calling oh my homie have they gone I think they might have left that’s good right okay what I’m gonna do now is pops go sleep go sleep quit oh [ __ ] where’s he gone all right okay that’s a stupid but anyway well I’m not leaving hanging there so you guys honestly thank you so much watching be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the episode and if you want to see more and comment below and show some support and I’ll see in the next episode guys peace