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♪ It don’t matter where we at, mm, mm, mm ♪ ♪ We’re going to have a fun attack ♪ ♪ When there’s a will there’s a what ♪ Narrator: Thousands of singles all hungry What’s up? for real love and ready for marriage Oh! Ah! were surveyed and evaluated by our expert matchmaker to create four perfectly matched couples Cheers Now, it’s up to them to make it work while traveling across the country in a 30-day journey packed with relationship challenges What? rewards and more baggage than they can carry Thank you, ma’am Last week, while some couples got their family’s stamp of approval Yeah Whoo! I think that you guys connect on things that make it absolutely authentic I like you. You’re really nice Let’s keep trying one couple was held for questioning You deserve somebody that is true Don’t try to make something that isn’t there But will they ignore their families’ warning? I genuinely still have feelings for you I really love being with you That’s, like, the first time I’ve ever heard you, like, say that Tonight, it all comes down to this I still need to figure out what I want to do the last call before they make their ultimate decision Cale, now that it’s ending, we just got deep I know Week four, and we just had our real breakthrough Who is on the road to the altar? I genuinely, genuinely love you And who is headed for a detour? -No! Michael! Aah! -[Bleep] [Bleep] Oh, my god Oh, my god. Oh, my god, Michael ♪ ♪ -I came to Chicago -Hey! -Hi! I came to make sure my mom was okay after she took a fall, and then Mike flew out, and he supported me How are you? Good So what did you think about yesterday? I thought yesterday was really good I thought it was an important, like, thing to do, to meet him, and he seemed like a nice person Well, thank you so much I love you guys -Okay -Thank you. Love you Both: Bye! I came here to find the one, so I’m hoping on our next trip, I’ll find out if Mike is the man I will marry Good morning How are you? Ugh. Tired We’re going to our last destination How are you? Oh, good This is make it or break it, and I want to be with her if she wants to be with me Where do you think we’re going? I hope somewhere warm Yeah, me, too ♪ Let us roll out [ Cellphone dings ] The last text message Last text message! Heading to a new destination with Steph is feeling still a little bit uneasy, but it’s definitely improved What does it say? What does it say? What does it say? What does it say? What does it say? I feel as if the connection with just being friends and joking has sort of returned Oh, my God -Read it! -Okay Yes! We’re going to Hawaii Although I’m a little apprehensive about what this next location will mean in regards to what we want to do with our relationship, I’m still enjoying time with her, so it’s — it’s good I’m so prepared to get lei’d Yes ♪ Get lei’d in Hawaii ♪ ♪ We’re going to Hawaii! ♪ Hawaii is the last stop for Jenna and I, and this is our last call, I guess, uh, to try to figure out where our relationship is going because I think it is possible for opposites to attract Okay Let’s go I’m closer to Cale now just because I have met his mom and sister, and they were able to provide me some insight into Cale, my sister is wondering if I gave him a fair shot because typically, in the past, I am very quick to make assumptions, so I need to stay open Let’s go Hawaii, man [ Laughs ] Stephanie J.: So time is running out I mean, this is really, like, final call, final destination for us Praise God Seeing both families mesh so well, uh, gave me confidence It’s cold And, you know, we could really have something here -We’re ready -Yeah Hopefully, future marriage -Popping -Mm-hmm -Early morning flights -Yeah Seattle meant, for Michael and I, I think it just solidified how awesome we are together It’s a lot of — a lot traveling, man Like, oh, my God He’s an amazing guy It’s kind of what I asked for Like, he’s right in front of me We’re going to Hawaii! Whoo!

Whoo! Whoo! See you in Hawaii. Bye! Never been before ♪ Never been before ♪ Finally ♪ When I’m dreaming ♪ ♪ Won’t you take me far away ♪ ♪ Far away ♪ Stephanie J.: Relationship with Michael seems a little bit more real now that we’re heading to Hawaii, and people associate Hawaii with romance and honeymoons and all that stuff Um, I guess looking forward to seeing if any new sparks come up between Michael and I ♪ Far away ♪ ♪ Narrator: Couples were matched based on an overwhelmingly high compatibility scoring In each destination, they’ll complete challenges designed to help them learn in 30 days what most couples take months to uncover, so at the end of the road, there’s only one question left to ask — “Will you marry me?” It’s good juju -Oh, yeah? -Very good juju Ah! Stephanie V.: It feels amazing to come to Hawaii with Ryan because I feel like Hawaii is such a spiritual place Both: Hawaii! And him and I need some sort of healing, so now we’re going together I like this weather on my skin The vibe here is just so, like, positive energy Everything is just good vibes Woo! This place is like heaven on Earth I think this is going to be our best place yet For sure I’m excited So Check out my socks! -…I’m so excited Boom! Ready for Hawaii -Perfect Going from Seattle to Hawaii was just a complete 180 in terms of climate It feels warm Uh, everyone feels friendly, like they’re in a good mood -Oh -I was just struggling -Got a message -Okay And it just looks like it’s going to be a really good time Oh, God Hawaii is, in some ways, the last call for Cale and I It’s our last chance to, you know, go on dates and have any type of meaningful conversation or connection, so I’m hoping that we’ll make some progress Cale: Where do we get our leis at? Don’t talk to me about that, Cale I don’t know Hawaii We’re here Oh -We made it -It’s beautiful I’ve never really been to Hawaii with a girlfriend before, a girl, I don’t even know what Alma is Are you excited? Of course I am This feels amazing, like, perfect, everything With Alma and I, it’s definitely been a roller-coaster I don’t see anything of yours There’s been ups There’s been downs What are we? What are we not? Where are we going? So many questions, so few answers Well, I’m glad that you have your stuff I can adapt Oh! I got my shoes There’s one I knew it! I was like, “He’s got to have something.” This is one of our last destinations, so it’s make it or break it I mean, if anything is going to happen, now is the time That’s all right Worse things could happen Let’s go Aloha, Hawaii Knowing that Hawaii is the last stop on this journey, I just want to kind of see where her head is at [ Cellphone dings ] Oh, hold on I think I got a text Hold on you know, what her thoughts are on what’s going to happen after we leave Hawaii? Sounds great Here we go It’s still a little weird, still thinking every once in a while, that thought comes into my head about Vegas Okay You go — Let’s strategize But I’m not going to allow, uh, you know, our downturn in Vegas to affect the fact that we have this amazing opportunity and this last chance to bring everything together Oh, wait a minute -What? -“Aloha.” -What? -Oh, my God We’re going bungee jumping What? I don’t want to always make the first move, but if I have to be person that is grabbing his hand to initiate it, pride and ego aside, I’m going to do it because I want Ryan, and I’m not wasting any more time Welcome to Hawaii First night I’m ready, so ready Bring it on ♪ 6:30 a.m. in Hawaii I wonder what the challenge is going to be, though I don’t know How do you feel about scuba diving? Have you ever done it before? -I’ve never done it before -Oh, okay I’ve always kind of been, like, um, icky about fish kind of [ Cellphone dings ] Uh-oh What does it say? What the hell? I don’t know about sharks I don’t know about that Yeah Just don’t even say that

Oh, my god What are — Oh, my god We’re going diving Shut up Shark adventures Well, howdy Ryan: I’m feeling pretty nervous I can start to feel a little bit of anxiety set in, so it’s almost like I’m in a movie right now, and I can’t describe it in words It’s been fun living No You’re going to live [ Groans ] This is the first time I’ve ever seen you scared Ryan does have a fear of sharks, so I’m kind of nervous for him, but, uh, I’m nervous for me, too You know, sharks swimming around, I mean, that’s scary That’s insanity to me -I’m Ocean -Hi. Stephanie Stephanie Nice to meet you, Stephanie -I’m Ryan -Ryan -Nice to meet you -Nice to meet you You guys want to put your slippers in the basket? -Of course -Come on board Oh, my God What are we doing? You have my permission to donate them if I don’t come back Oh, my God No, you’re coming back We have a research program here in Hawaii We get to be in the water surrounded by the sharks -Awesome -…without a cage, and you guys are helping -Wait, without a — Did you say without a cage? Without a cage, yeah This is amazing, but you definitely said, “Without a cage.” -Yeah. You guys excited? Yeah. You willing to try it? Open minds? I’m not exactly, like, gung ho about it, but My fear of sharks is pretty similar to Steph’s fear of reptiles If they wanted to eat you, trust me, they could in 2 seconds They probably would’ve, yeah But by the time you get back to the dock, I think you’ll have a completely different appreciation Cool [ Cellphone dings ] Okay We got a text message All right Let’s do this -We have to do this -Yeah ♪ [Bleep] [Bleep] [Bleep] Stephanie V.: Ryan and I are taking a plunge into these sharky waters without a cage, and you can’t hesitate when you’re jumping into the sharks You got to just do it ♪ Sharks have always been a very, very, like, touchy point for me I have had a scary experience when I was younger in Florida, and I was paddling out on a body board, look over to my left, and there’s a pretty nice-sized shark swimming right with me, and it really did affect me It scared the crap out of me I have to feel safe with somebody that I’m jumping into a ocean full of sharks that can literally dismember me in about 2 seconds, so even though Ryan and I aren’t at our best right now, it’s still extremely comfortable to have him next to me Ryan: It was scary I mean, I really did not know exactly what was going to happen It really kind of shook me and, like, realized what is truly important ♪ Woo! I think it’s really, really special to overcome fears with a companion in a relationship or a spouse I think it’s huge because it creates that, like, bond of — of accomplishment, success, trust, whatever you want to call it with that other person, knowing that you did it together and that confidence can go forward to any sort of roadblock you come across in the future Ocean: So I really want to see you guys There is nobody that I would ever, ever, ever jump into a Pacific Ocean with besides Ryan Well, I definitely feel, like, night and day, you know, with sharks Definitely look at them more as, like, friends now than I did before I do, at this point, trust him with my life, and that’s huge -Yeah -So cool ♪ This is so beautiful -Yeah -We finally made it I know I think this is our reward for all of our struggles I know And this is our seventh location together Yes! I feel like this is going to be our last challenge, which is weird -Yeah -We’ve done so much cool stuff I know Things that — I’m kind of sad Like, they stress me out, but they’re always, like, fun after, you know? For sure This is the, nearing the end of the trip for us We got off to a really rocky start, I would say, so maybe this is our last chance to lay all our cards on the table and try to figure out where our relationship is going I’m a little nervous what we’re doing today, though Yeah I’m scared it might involve water -It said — -That’s not my strong point [ Cellphone dings ] Uh-oh You ready for this? Yes, Cale. I’m always ready You know that

All right Especially at 8 a.m Yeah It says, “Get ready to bare it all Go skinny-dipping!” -No! Oh! -Just kidding. Just kidding I’m just kidding! I was shocked that Cale made a joke, period That wasn’t funny let alone one that was about, like, baring it all and skinny-dipping I don’t know what he meant by that, if that was something he was trying to, like, put that thought in my head No more jokes, yes -Are you ready? Who knows with Cale? I mean, honestly ♪ Cale: Are you ready? NEW HOPE Oh, okay That type of oar, O-A-R Yeah And NEW HOPE has to be — So, ocean, kayak -We can do it -We can Cale: I’m hoping that we have this incredible experience together, and maybe we do fall in love I mean, if you had to choose between that and skinny-dipping Um Hmm We’ll see what the challenge is, exactly Okay ♪ Like, I can’t stress about what we’re about to do right now because I don’t know What if we are skinny-dipping? Blech! Why do you want to get my clothes off so bad? So how many times have you wanted to kiss me on this journey? [ Both laugh ] I know you’re thinking about it every time you see me Jenna: Honestly, I’ve wanted to form a connection with Cale this entire journey, and it makes me sad that that hasn’t happened, and I would like for it to happen before the end of the trip Yeah, so what made you become a lawyer? When I was 19, and I had my first internship, I get a phone call from my mom, and she’s, like, bawling her eyes out Uh-oh And she said, “Cale, your sister has been attacked She’s in the hospital right now She might have, like, brain damage.” There was — Some man knocked on her door, said he had a package He hits her in the head and, like, starts punching her face, and, like, he had zip ties, and he was, like, trying to zip-tie her hands together [Bleep] So did she ever get to face him in court or — -Uh-huh -Oh, she did? Uh-huh. Yeah, because he had a criminal trial So you decided you wanted to be a lawyer and defend people? -Yes -Cale, I love that story Yeah You wanted to be an influencer for the good side Yeah I think that’s a fantastic reason I do appreciate him telling me that story because it is a personal thing, and all of a sudden, I saw this different side of Cale ♪ I also was assaulted as a child Oh, my gosh And I didn’t tell anyone I just, like, repressed it for so long, and I think, like, I mean, that just has a lot to do with who I am now When I was younger, I was sexually assaulted by a stranger After that, I just shut down, and it’s, like, I remember waking up, like, almost every day, like, looking in the mirror to go to school and crying about it for so many years, and it makes me sad because that just didn’t need to happen That didn’t need to be the case at all, and I let it persist for a long-ass time because I was not willing to deal with it Where were you? Walking to a friend’s house It was like — And it was, like, dark out It wasn’t light, but he just came out of nowhere and, like, grabbed me, threw me into a wall, started, like, touching me, and long story, I was actually able to also, like, kick, scream, fight him off and outrun him I never told anyone I just let it, like, fester within me for so long that, like, I know it [bleep] me up Mm Because I didn’t deal with it, I think it took me longer to open up to being in a relationship and getting close to a guy Cale: This definitely feels like a turning point in Jenna and I’s relationship It’s nice to know that she’s finally ready to share a vulnerable side of herself with me Damn, Cale Now that’s it’s ending, we just got deep I know Week four, and we just had our real breakthrough Yeah I want to see more of this Cale ♪ So I’m excited I don’t know what we’re doing, but I know it’s going to have to be fun, like, lots of fun The whole idea of travel has brought me closer to the idea of marriage by the fact that I’ve been with Alma every single day I’ve seen when she’s happy, when she’s sad I feel like it definitely creates a bond that paves a way to marriage [ Cellphone dings ] Got our itinerary You know what I think that means? “Get ready to rumble…” What does it mean? I think that we are going to be hitting the volcano “Get ready to rumble because sparks –“

Oh, lava Sparks flying Lava Yeah -Let’s head out -Let’s do it All right ♪ Hey My name is Christophe Alma -Hi -Mike -Nice to meet you -Mike, welcome -Thank you -…to Kulaniapia Falls You are at an off-the-grid adventure lodge We have the nicest suite in this place reserved for you, but before you can earn that, you need to rappel 120 feet down the base of the waterfall I feel great about this I’ve rappelled down sides of mountains before, never on the side of a waterfall Mike, pull -Ready? -Yeah Perfect Alma: I love challenges I — I, like, take challenges That’s what I strive for and live for, in relationships and in an adventures Oh, God [Bleep] Why you trying to grab my rope? -Oh, my gosh -Trying to grab my rope, girl? Stop it, Michael Man, I’m not in the freaking mood I’m, like, looking down there I’m at the top of this waterfall taking it all in, and Mike is being Mike A lot of touchy this, touchy that, and, at this point, I’m, like, praying for space Will you stop it? -Now is your chance You could throw me over -I’m shaking -You’re going to be just fine You’re going to love it, okay? This is probably the first goal we have to meet where I actually want to run back and say, “You know what? I don’t know if I can do this.” Do you guys remember how to say the name of the waterfall? Kulaniapia -Oh, Kulaniapia Kulaniapia It means -Kulaniapia -…heavenly strength Okay The waterfall’s name translates into heavenly strength, and, um, I just got this burst of, like, “Actually, I would love to go first.” As scary as it is, it comes with good vibes K It’s pretty intense I’m — I’m scared, so I just want to get it out of the way so we can get through the day Heavenly strength! So just letting it go, right? You got this You’re just letting it go a little bit -Yeah -I got this Come on [Bleep] this. I got it -There you go Careful! Whoo! Relax, baby Relax, mama My mom’s voice comes to my head saying, “Baby, you’ve got this You’ve got this Baby, we’ve got this.” Ooh Okay It’s okay Okay We’re almost here Whoo! [Bleep] Alma went first, so now, there’s no backing out for me I got to do this Woman: Good Not too much on the heels Good Not too far back ♪ ♪ Alma: Aah! Michael! [Bleep] Michael! Alma: Aah, Michael! Aah! [Bleep] [Bleep] Oh, my God. Oh, my God Oh, my God. Michael Michael N.: My arm is in a lot of pain Being embarrassed in front of Alma at this point would not be a good look at all ♪ Alma: Almost there, Michael! Low butt! Whoo! I see Alma Alma is yelling, “You got this! You got this! Everything is great.” You hear 120 feet, you’re not really realizing how far down that is until you’re up there My arm hurts, you know, but in this moment, I’m thinking, “Just get to the bottom and deal with whatever is going on on solid ground.” Alma: You got it You’re a beast Mike finally reaches the bottom He looks back at me with, like, this strange smile I honestly feel like my arm might be broken Oh, my God There’s so many things happening at once I just know Mike was in pain Hold on Let’s — Let’s, um — Can you — Do you need my assistance, like, helping you out? No I’m good I just Mike to know I have his back, period You always have my back I always have your back It’s probably just sprained or something Okay Ow. [Bleep] It looks red, but it doesn’t look, like, anything is not where it doesn’t belong Yeah. I can move it, so I think it’s okay Don’t touch it at all I don’t want this to hurt his confidence because one, he did complete this with me We completed it together, and knowing this is our last day together, I want him to feel special, so he knows I care All right Shall we? Yeah Yeah, let’s shall ♪ ♪ Cale: So Jenna and I are walking along the beach, and we see two ladies -Hello -Aloha -Oh, aloha -Aloha You guys ready to paddle? We’re going to be paddling today Yeah I guess so Okay Here is a paddle for you Thank you And I’ll give this to you Okay, guys, so your challenge for today is that you’re going to race another canoe It’s going to take timing, a lot of muscle

and a lot of positive thinking So you’re going to be pushing down with your top hand and just pulling with your bottom one, okay? Cale: Today, we find out that our challenge is a one-on-one race, a six-person, six-on-six, just get there as fast as possible You want to lock your elbow In my right mind, Jenna and I’s chances of winning are slim to none Okay, get ready Just get ready! Jenna: Get ready I think we need a head start Paddles up! -Okay -Paddles up! -And hit! -Hit! -Go, go, go! -Here we go -Awesome Teamwork makes the dream work, guys That’s it I say that The single hardest part about canoeing is probably working, uh, collectively with the other rowers, so I’m watching Jenna right in front of me Cale, you’re a good follower -Thanks -That makes a good man [ Laughter ] ♪ It feels good once we’re in the rhythm and doing the rowing Once I saw that we were, like, on the flow together, I was — I was really vibing it Woman #2: All you got! Come on! Push! I think there’s a moment when everything clicks, and we are just completely in sync, in rhythm, and we are taking this one all the way to the end -Whoo! -Yeah! Guys, go, go, go! I am super excited when I see that we’re, like, neck and neck but kind of taking the lead Good job, guys! Whoo-hoo! -We won! Whoo! Jenna and I, we work so well together I don’t know what it is Nice job, everyone! Howdy ho! We won because we kept an eye on each other, and we worked really well together as a team Congratulations, you guys Thanks What you’ve won is a suite at the Turtle Bay North Shore -Beautiful -Yay! What did you think made our canoe move? Worked as a team Getting along and being in sync Right Yeah It’s our turning point Yeah I’m absolutely thrilled that we won the challenge, more thrilled that we’re getting great accommodations We’re in Hawaii I mean, this could be the best day ever All: Aloha, aloha, aloha! [ All cheer ] ♪ Stephanie J.: Super duper windy We’re nearing the end of this process I’m excited, too, that I’ve met somebody awesome, and I feel like I know Michael a whole lot more than I did day one, obviously, and I feel like there’s still yet so much more to learn about him [ Cellphone dings ] I wonder — Oh Text today Oh, my gosh. “Go to…” -That place -Yep -Uh-huh Michael S.: We’re getting towards the end of — end of the road, and Stephanie is definitely — She — She’s giving me more than before, you know, and she’s definitely opening up, and that’s super huge to me Let’s get in the car All right Let’s ride It’s windy It’s windy as crap out here -Let’s ride. Go ahead -Okay, sweet ♪ Insane Um, so do you want to stay in the suite with me? A million dollar question I would love to Yay! We haven’t been together in the same suite since Denver, so this is definitely an opportunity to rekindle and let’s really, like, figure out, you know, if this is going to work because this is something special -Oh, my God -Wait, look at this view This is amazing Ryan: I’m really looking forward to spending the night with her here, and, to be honest, it’s been pretty lonely just hanging out in a room I think I want to go in that hammock! Well, that hammock has your name written all over it Yes! Oh, my God Ryan: It’s awesome to hang out with her, so I’m just trying to do the whole live in the moment thing and forget about the past This is, like, almost meant to be We have a hammock in our own, like, mini-backyard Now, I’m — Now, I’m Hawaiian Now you are Hawaiian It’s crazy It’s — It’s unbelievable Can you believe it’s almost over? No. It, like, doesn’t even feel real The affection is definitely back, so we’re having a great time together Soak it in I’m imagining that it’s only going to get better ♪ ♪ -All right -We just got to Gunstock I’m super confused as to what we’re doing today What’s going on? -Hey, guys -Hi -Hi -Dan -What’s going on? Michael -Nice to meet you -Mike, I’m Jessie -Nice to meet you -Hi Welcome out to survival training Awesome It might be a little overly adventurous for us both, but when in Rome Have you guys ever done any kind of survival training before? In a couple cities -Yeah? -A couple cities A little more urban survival, then Yeah. Yeah For sure Have you ever camped before? I have never camped, but I wanted to Oh, well Just not in Hawaii

– Welcome to the jungle -We’re going through this? -Go ahead -Oh, okay We’re making lemonade today -Mm-hmm And I think that’s what this entire process represents Did not wake up this morning with this is on my mind It’s lemons, but we add the sugar to it Mm Come on, sugar You’re welcome Jessie: So we’re sitting here next to this fantastic shelter, and you guys are going to need to build something This is a long-term shelter Fancy So we don’t need you to build something quite like this We want it more immediate action The main thing is going to be that it just protects you for — for one night Michael S.: I don’t know what you’re saying to me, but we pass everything that we do, so I’m going to take this image that you have, and I’m going to try to make something happen We’re gonna win this challenge Top of the log be, like, right here Stephanie J.: Michael is doing a great job I’m scared that the logs that I’m picking up have bugs in them, so I’m not going to touch them What the hell did I get myself into? And I just continue to bring these logs, and hopefully Stephanie is going to go ahead and put this thing together I trust Michael to kind of a build a shelter That’s what guys do What I’m going to do is decorate so beautifully The tree leaves are going to be my thing, so I’m helping decorate the log, a little brown Brown and green go together It’s gorgeous Okay It think it looks great I think I’ll be a better wife because of this process because marriage is about curveballs Oh, this floor is — and being open and random challenges and activities and things you didn’t plan for Man: See if you can get in there and get comfortable Ooh! So romantic Oh That bug right there about to fall on you Just kidding Oh! Oh, it’s on your shirt -Get it off me! -I’m just saying It did -Nice! -Oh! Drink it, drink it Oh, oh! Drink it! I don’t like it! Drink it! Yeah How’s that taste? -Is that good? -Oh, yeah You know, I had to throw up a couple prayers, you know, when Stephanie started to, you know, hit it I didn’t really know if my fingers were going to, you know, still be there afterwards Nice I actually get my food and water, um, from the grocery store Me, too We have that in common -Yes -Wow Jessie: So this is your final challenge, all right? You do this one well and make it to the end, you don’t have to sleep with the centipedes in the shelter So what I have here is a list of your checkpoints Once you complete this, there’s your Jeep, and you’re ready to go -Yep -Compasses -All right Coordinates You know what, I could connect surviving the wilderness and marriage kind of depending on the other person when you don’t know what you’re doing We’re at 70? -This way -Oh, man Michael! Michael? -What’s up? Is this the right direction? Yeah That’s what it says This is survivalist training is showing our strong points Careful There’s a ditch you know, that we work well knowing that I’m going to handle this side You handle that side We come together at the end and just kind of make it work Splitting responsibilities is definitely a high priority, especially for a marriage Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on Just in case the world comes to an end, you know, we’ll be good -Look, Ma, the car! -You made it! -We here. We here -We were worried about you -You made it -Good job What a day -All right -That’s a big accomplishment Well done -Yes, sir. Yes, sir I depended on Michael a lot Today, I was out of it If he didn’t make it out, we would both be dead I just gave it all to him I don’t — Oh I appreciate that Thank you -You’re welcome So you have successfully completed our survival training for the day, and you get to go relax Yay! I don’t want to be a cocky guy, but I could see a little twinkle in her eye Like, she keeps looking at me randomly You know, it’s — it’s — it’s looking good The more you guys just keep up these skills, the more you’ll feel good being outdoors, and that’s just part of being who we are as human beings, so -That’s true -…you know, keep it up I feel like the Black Nature Boy Boy, Ric Flair Whoo! ♪ [ Whistling ] What you mean? Just — Just — I’m not staying here I was afraid of my hotel room It was very creepy I was freaking out I feel like if you cared about me at all, like, a smidge, you would stay here tonight Okay What is that? Why? You know that I’m afraid There’s way too much space It’s way too dark outside Do you see what’s out there? You can’t see, can you? It’s too dark Do you snore? -No -No Being that both of us are celibate, the temptation that’s already there, I mean, that tests you Naw Man, I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep naked Like — -You sleep naked?

Yes [ Sighs ] -Come on, Michael Stewart -Yeah, man Down On my black hand side Okay I think it’s hard on both sides We’re both attractive, you know what I’m saying? So it’s more of a challenge to not have sex, but I was scared of my room Okay I’ll stay here Thank you, Michael You’re so sweet Yeah Right One for Michael I can see that, you know, this process could get expedited even more being that both of us are feeling each other Why don’t we just go ahead and put these two bad boys together Oh, king bed it Yep And, uh What?! I’m really confident that we’re building a strong foundation for marriage, so my struggle right now is go ahead and give in to what’s happening right now in front of you, just let yourself go, but I’d rather him keep his shirt on until things are official ♪ Wake up. Wake up Wake up Ryan: To spend the night with Stephanie was really special It seemed like it was back to, you know, where we were before all of this happened, so it felt — it felt, like, right, like the puzzle piece matched, so marriage is definitely a possibility [ Laughs ] Is my hair nice and messy for you? Stephanie V.: So spending the night together last night was different in a good way You know, we’ve grown so much, it didn’t feel right to not be with Ryan, and then the fact that we were together last night, it just felt right ♪ I’m getting kind of caught up in this moment right now because it’s our last day here This adventure is, like — So weird It’s coming to an end Are you happy that you stayed in the suite? Uh…yes Are you kidding me? What would you want to do, ideally, today? Just be with you We can’t ever get this back Actually, I don’t even want to think about it I really just want to take the day to enjoy it, but also, you know, continue the conversation about what’s coming up next I’m really happy about everything Why? Because I like spending time with you I think that’s pretty obvious I’m just trying to accomplish trying to understand where Ryan’s head is at with us after this last day in paradise I mean, I came here for marriage, and I’ve opened up I’ve given him everything, so now, I just need to figure out where his head is at and where we’re going Yeah ♪ Oh, boy Michael S.: Come on, R and R Come on Come on! Beach break! Michael S.: This is the last time Steph and I are going to see each other before the big decision is made Hopefully, we’re going to make the right decision What a day I know, man it has been Right? It has been a good day It has been a good day It has been a good day You cold? I ate a lot today, so I’m just trying to prevent the damage from showing, you know what I mean? You’re good. Y-y-you don’t have no damage showing You’re sweet Okay Stephanie is gorgeous She’s super funny She just has that great spirit, and I love to be around that at all times Man, it’s over Like, the trip is over, officially [ Sighs ] It is How do you feel? Oh, my goodness Crazy It seems like yesterday we were back in Harlem Just a young girl It seemed like we had so much time then -I know. I know -It’s crazy I kind of want to see, you know, how serious she is, and, at this point, you know, I just want to kind of see where her head is at Do you feel as if you can have a future with me? Um…I do I can totally see a future with you Today, I’m just trying to get out of Michael just clarity, understanding where he’s at with everything, start to finish, um, just get final answers on what’s happening and how he really feels My — not hesitancies — just, like, where the heck are we in real life? How serious are you about getting married, like, for real? And in your spiritual life, like, that’s huge to me That’s, like, number one -Right -Got a glimpse of that, but there’s no way I’m going to — I will never again date another person that’s, like, not on the same level spiritually

or, like, better, you know what I mean? So, um That’s a great thing I feel like I gave Stephanie everything from the jump, regardless of she knows more than me or if I know more than her, it’s just the fact that we’re on the journey, and we’re looking to grow every single day How about this? When do you want to get married? Yeah, so there’s really not an age limit I’ve never been afraid of marriage I’ve never been afraid of any of that I’m officially ready to share part two of my life, you know what I mean? Nobody works as hard and is more committed than Stephanie Johnson to any project, and I see marriage as a project, you know what I mean, like, a lifelong one To raise the kids, like, travel, like, let’s freaking do it together, you know what I mean? And just work it out Work it out Being that we talked about what it would take for us to, like, really give our all to the relationship -Mm-hmm -…if all of that panned out, do you think we could get engaged and get married? Yeah, if all that panned out and the love was there, yeah You think you could fall in love with me? I think I could -That’s good -What about you? Yeah Yeah, what? Yeah, what you said [ Laughs ] ♪ We’re going to enjoy our last sunset on the beach together The situation at the beach is going to be where we have to really lay everything out on the table and figure out what we’re going to do next I literally can’t believe that this is the last Well, I know it’s going to be a deep conversation because we’re at the end of the journey Cheers Cheers to everything we’ve done Yeah And by now, it’s either you know or you don’t, and I just know that it’s either going to go one way or another So what do you think? How do you think we did? It was definitely an adventure, you know? And, I don’t know, I feel like I’ve grown as a person, and I feel like you have, as well I feel like I learned a lot I feel like, uh — I feel like it comes down to, uh…you know Right But I mean, I’m interested to hear how you feel about, like, continuing because I feel like I know how you feel, but — Well, I mean, for me, I like, I told you It was really a big step for me to be open and kind of, like, let you in, and I did, and, you know, I really did mean what I said when I said that I have strong feelings for you, and I would — I mean, for me, I love to continue this I care for you, and you care for me I mean, it’s not like I haven’t stopped caring about you, even through all the Vegas [bleep] Forget the Vegas [bleep] We don’t have to dwell on it Let’s give it to the universe It can take it It’s huge Let it go, please I understand that he was hurt about it, and, I mean, no one would ever want to see their girlfriend or whatever do that, but it was a show, but I’m willing to put my pride aside and say, “Okay, I understand. Let’s work together. Let’s get over this.” I need a partner that truly understands me and fully wants me, flaws and all I still need to figure out what I want to do, and the fact that we would go into a long-distance relationship would be extremely strenuous on me You’ve done long-distance before I’ve done long-distance before -Yeah It [bleep] sucks -It’s not my favorite No, I don’t like it, but I’m not chained down to any specific place It seemed as if you never would want to come to Michigan I wouldn’t be, like, close-minded to do that ♪ And, like, I genuinely, genuinely love you Like, I do, 100% Ryan: For her to be willing to do all this stuff for me makes me feel a lot better, kind of eases a little bit of the concerns that I have It shows that she actually really does care and is willing to do a lot for me I mean, marriage is definitely, like, a possibility because we’re finally able to come to a solid conclusion for where to go next You got to keep your eyes open There might be sharks No Don’t say that right now ♪ ♪ Jenna, we have a private beach That was so sweet of you, Cale -Are you okay? -Yeah I mean, I’m definitely emotional because we are now at the end of our journey Yeah [ Waves crashing ] It’s such a beautiful kind of romantic place

I just — I don’t know I think I woke up today knowing it was kind of our last real day and was just feeling sad because I honestly have had an amazing time on this journey I know that it may not come off that way to you because I don’t express it the same way, but I guess what just was making me sad is just kind of the thought of going back home, and I feel like that’s kind of what made me feel extra emotional today ♪ I’ve had a blast on this trip I think it’s been a wild ride, and even when we were struggling and at our worst, like, it was still fun, you know? It was still this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that no one else gets to have except for you and I You really are the only person that has gone through the same thing as I have and have done this experience with me I just remember looking back and thinking about all the fun times, like when we were on Mr. Hatcher’s farm, and I just was constantly laughing at everything, you know? Like, traveling can be hard, but at the end of the day, I think it’s 100% worth it, you know? I agree It was 100% worth it I have no regrets With mutual respect and care for another, regardless of what happens, I still think that you are a good person I hope that you know that I do care about you, and I really do want the best for you That’s the beautiful thing about finding love and traveling Like, it’s — once you find that, I think it’s the best feeling in the world, you know? What do you see after this is over? Do you think that we’ll have some sort of relationship? What do you think? I think we would both like to What about you? If we’re on the same page, then, like any kind of relationship, it takes work I do care about you, and I will always be here I appreciate that -You ready? -I am so ready I thought you’d never say so Let’s dip our feeties in Let’s go Should we take that Hawaiian swim we’ve been waiting for? -Yeah, you ready? -I’m ready All right Let’s do it Oh, it feels great -Oh, it’s warm! [Bleep] yes Whoo Pretty clouds ♪ ♪ Careful with the bun Alma and I are finishing our journey here in Hawaii, and we’re going to sit down to an intimate dinner and really hash out everything, our past, our present, and the future We’ve come such a long way, and now, this is our, like Our farewell? Yeah ALMA: Knowing this is our last day together, I don’t know how to make sense of it I feel like I’m in a daze Alma and I did discuss what we were out in Vegas Whoo! So are there feelings there? I mean, yeah You’re not crazy But then, since everything happened with her mom and going back to Chicago, we really haven’t discussed it since So how do you think everything is going between you and my daughter? -Oh, wow -I mean Cheers Yes Physically, my arm hurts me, but that does not outweigh all the fun I’ve had today This experience with Alma has been amazing This is our last date with each other I want to be positive, and I really hope she listens, she understands Is there anything like you feel like you need clarity on, anything that’s, like, you wanted to say or — I feel like I’ve learned so much, you know? And, yeah, there’s so much more to see I don’t think you ever stop learning, ever stop growing, ever -Mm-hmm Do you feel like there’s anything that you haven’t been able to get off your chest or tell me or anything like that? Since we don’t believe in getting married for the wrong reasons -Right -…and all of our — Like, we’ve spoken about our friends that have gotten married that are now divorced, or they’re unhappy It’s because they tried to force it And I think that we are definitely very self-aware of not only ourselves, but each other to know that that’s not something we would ever want Hard not to see something there when we both want the same things Alma: I don’t want to forget this moment I don’t want this moment to end, and we’ll see what’s to come It’s, like, you can’t predict your future You can’t plan ahead It just has to happen, you know? Right And you have to feel it Right Michael N.: Well, I’m definitely sure of what I want in a wife, and I feel like Alma exudes a lot of these qualities, but first and foremost now, I definitely want to make sure that there is love and passion I have a lot of unpacking to do, and I’m not talking about luggage Right Mentally Mentally having to place things and gather things Rushing into something would lead to not only making mistakes if you don’t process all that you’ve learned

Here’s to embracing what comes our way, cherishing the memories we’ve had, and accepting our fates To be continued Cheers When Mike and I make our final toast, and he says, “To be continued,” and we hug, I feel like I’m in a daze I feel like I can’t believe this is it I have no idea what’s waiting for me on the other side ♪ Narrator: Next week on “Love at First Flight,” the journey is in its final descent Oh, my God It’s about to get real Narrator: The couple’s futures are on the the line I have a serious decision to make, really life-changing Oh, man Narrator: …as they make the biggest decision of their lives It’s definitely a moment where it could really go either way -You good? -Hmm Narrator: You don’t believe who says, “I do,” Jenna I see you, girl I see you and whose baggage makes them crash and burn I don’t regret anything Cue the wedding bells